May 18, 2012


Guest Blogger Daniel shares his shock and outrage over Colton Dixon being eliminated from American Idol.

On Thursday, on American Idol, one of the most talented contestants, certainly this season, and possibly in the history of the show, got eliminated in what will be remembered as one of the most surprising eliminations off all time on Idol; Colton Dixon was eliminated. In a very emotional fashion, during his last performance on the Idol stage, Dixon dropped to his knees and, being very religious, sang to God. If you read the blog, you will know that I was a big fan of Dixon, and I was shocked and disappointed see Colton sent packing. And I wasn’t the only one. After the show, various people voiced their surprise and displeasure with the result. Various other contestants, both from other seasons as well as those who have already been eliminated this season, tweeted their surprise. Below you can look at some of their tweets.

Here’s a conversation between Jeremy Rosado, who came in 13th this season, Eben Franckewitz, who was eliminated in the semi-finals this season, and Pia Toscano, who came in 9th last season. When Toscano got eliminated last season in also came as a shock to almost everyone.

I have to admit that I, like Eben and Pia, let out a few tears when I watched Colton get eliminated and perform his final song.

Rosado also added with regards to Dixon’s last performance…

And they weren’t the only people who were shocked by Colton’s elimination. Look at what semifinalist Brielle Von Hugel had to say.

Even Carrie Underwood, probably the most famous American Idol winner of all time, voiced her displeasure with the way American voted.

Hollie and Colton in the bottom two. Hollie, who seemed to have braced her self for elimination looked shocked to find out Colton would be going home instead.

Phillip Phillips looked seriously distraught when he heard Colton would be going home.

Colton’s sister, Schyler can’t believe her brother got eliminated.

During his time on Idol, Colton’s performances have all been fantastic, but his final performance had a little extra emotion that can only come when you hear that you have just been eliminated. This performance also earned a standing ovation from the judges, who up until now had inexplicably not given him one. You can watch the performance below.

Now here are some pictures of the contestants watching Colton’s emotional, final song:

Hollie Cavanagh hysterically crying at the beginning of Colton’s last performance

The always upbeat Skylar Laine claps and sings along to Colton’s last performance while Jessica Sanchez sobs.

Hollie cries and Skylar cheers as they look on.

Phillip Phillips took the elimination of his buddy Colton (the two were close friends) very hard, putting his head in his lap and staring at the ground and praying for most of Colton’s final performance.

Colton performs for the last time on the Idol stage as Phillip (far right) looks on in disbelief and Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet, Hollie, Skylar and Jessica sing along.

Colton’s final performance made J-Lo choke up.

As Colton finished his last performance, the judges finally gave him the standing ovation he deserved so long ago, as he was mobbed by his fellow contestants.

After the show, as usual, the judges came up on stage to say their goodbyes.

Colton and Steven.

Colton and J-Lo embrace after the show.

Randy gives Colton some final advice.

Colton gives his little sister Schyler, a hug.

After the show, as usual, the judges and guest performers gave their thoughts on the show. “I was beyond shocked!” Steven Tyler mused. “I was definitely shocked.” Randy Jackson added “He’s amazing and he had never been in the bottom.” “He was definitely in my top 5. I told him to be really proud because what he came to American Idol to do, he did, which was to show his talent and he didn’t have to win to do that. He’s just one of those artists that you really get right away,” said Jennifer Lopez. Season 8 winner Kris Allen called the results “very surprising.” Allen went on to say “For me, at least, when I think about who’s gonna make it to the final, who’s gonna make it to the top 3 or whatever, I thought he was definitely in that realm. But he’ll be great. He knows exactly what he wants to do and he’s a great musician, a great singer so, he’ll be fine.”

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