May 5, 2012

Rihanna Returns to SNL Tonight!

UPDATE Shy Ronnie did not appear on the show tonight.

Superbowl-winning NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guest Rihanna.  And while most are excited to see the football star make his SNL debut, we're actually more excited to see Rihanna back on the show, in hopes that she and Andy Samberg team up for another Shy Ronnie Digital Short.  Rihanna has been a musical guest on SNL twice so far, once in 2009 and then again in 2010, and each time she and Andy made a hilarious Shy Ronnie short.  In the shorts, Rihanna plays herself and Andy plays the titular Shy Ronnie, a rapper who is too shy to rap in front of Rihanna, but as soon as she leaves the room he raps really well.   Check out the two Shy Ronnie shorts below, and  be sure to tune in tonight to see if they'll be a Shy Ronnie 3!

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