May 30, 2012

Guest Post: American Idol Recap - Top 6

Guest Blogger Daniel recaps American Idol - Top 6!

The top six contestants started the night with a medley of songs by the rock band “Queen

Ok. Life on Idol without Colton Dixon starts now. In case you didn’t know, last week America voted off Colton Dixon, who in my opinion was by far the best contestant this season and one of the best I’ve seen ever. Even worse, America decided to vote the 20 year-old rocker from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, out right before Queen week. Dixon, who was a highlight every single week, would have been especially phenomenal this week. But I have to push through. Colton said that had he made it to the next round he would have sang “The Show Must Go On.” Well it's true. Even without the kid who was clearly the best this season, the show must go on.  In addition to the Queen songs, each contestant will sing a song of their choice. At the start of the show they all sing a medley of Queen songs with two of the original members of Queen. The medley included “We Are The Champions” which made me think, “no Colton’s the champion. How could America do this?” Anyway let's get to the recap because the show MUST GO ON.

Round 1: In this round, the contestants must sing a Queen song

Jessica Sanchez                      Bohemian Rhapsody
Why on EARTH would she choose this song. It is an unwritten rule that it is untouchable. You just don’t do this. And Jessica’s disastrous results show why. First off, this song cannot be shortened. It just can’t happen. This song is epic and incredible and spectacular, you just can’t chop part of it off. Second, it’s incredibly hard to sing this song solo. In fact it can’t really be done. Harmony is too big a part of the song for it to be done by one person. And third, this song changes so much, goes from slow to fast, from high to low, so quickly you need to be an incredibly gifted vocalist to sing this song. Many great singers can’t. Jessica’s performance was just a mess. Not only was the song too big for her, and not only did she chop part of the song off (like she had to in order to fit in into the time constraints), but during most of the parts of the song she just sounded bad. The only part she really sounded good was during the “Nothing really matters” part. Even the judges, who almost never say ill about Jessica, had to admit it was bad. Simply put, this was a disaster and this song just should not be sung on Idol ever again. NEVER EVER EVER! D-

Skylar Laine                           The Show Must Go On
I really like Skylar, so with Colton gone, I knew she was in the running to become my new fave. She sang the song that Colton said he would have sang had he made it to this round and nailed it. She perfectly built up tons of drama during the verses and then had it all explode out during the chorus. And man, she NAILED that chorus. It may have been just me, shocked that Colton is really gone, and combined with the fact that Colton and Skylar were close friends, but I felt like I could almost here Colton’s voice in the background during the chorus. Skylar did a wonderful job with this song and officially earned my endorsement for American Idol. Freddy Mercury is smiling down from heaven. A+

Joshua Ledet                          Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Not a great song choice for Joshua. I’m not complaining because he didn’t go all church on us like he usually does; I’m complaining because this song didn’t really allow him to show off his voice in anyway. It was ok, but nothing special. B-

Elise Testone                         I Want It All
Let's be straight here. I don’t really like Elise Testone. I find her personality kind of grating, I don’t think her singing is anything special, I cannot believe she outlasted Colton, and I really just think that she should be eliminated. However, she sang this very well. I was not as impressed with her “Whole Lotta Love” as everyone else seemed to be, but this was very good. She sang very well, performed with energy, and looked great. She really killed the chorus too! That said, right now in my book she is WAY behind the others so for her to really get in this thing she is going to have to do this every single time. A

Phillip Phillips                                    Fat Bottomed Girls
I really liked this. Phillip sang very well and with a lot of energy. Phillip is one of those people who is so fun to watch because of how much fun he has when performing. Phillip was having a ball here and it transferred to the watcher. A

Hollie Cavanagh                    Save Me
Was this amazing? No. Was it pretty good though? Yes. I’m not sure why the judges are being so hard on Hollie. Maybe because the producers have already decided they want Jessica to win and they think Hollie and Jessica are similar? Not sure. But I thought Hollie delivered a nice performance here. She sang well, not great, but well. The verses may have been a little blah but she made up for it with killer chorus. B+

Round 2 - In this round the contestants chose any song they wanted

Joshua Ledet’s stirring performance of “Ready For Love” was one of the best of the night

Jessica Sanchez                      Dance With My Father
This was well sung, this was emotional (considering she sang for her dad who is in the army and was able to make it to the show tonight) and this was touching. Was it incredible though? No. This is a big song and Jessica did a good, not great, job with it. However, after her awful first showing, she needed something really amazing here and this wasn’t it. The other big problem is this song has already been sung this season by Jermaine Jones. He sang it very well and better then Jessica. You never want to sing a song that has already been sung during a live show that season. If you do, it has to be a home run, and this wasn’t. For Jessica, at this point, a double like this isn’t good enough. A-

Skylar Laine                           Tattoos On This Town
Skylar is definitely one of the more popular contestants here. I could tell from her video that she is liked by everybody. Anyway, this performance was very good. This was a very good song choice for her. It's right up her ally and while it didn’t have the intensity her other performance had, she still sang terrifically. A

 Joshua Ledet                         Ready For Love
After an off first song, Joshua stormed back with “Ready For Love.”  This was one of his best performances of the season. It was intense, emotional, and vocally flawless. I know that he brings emotion to every performance, but this performance had a new level of emotion I hadn’t seen in Joshua before. This performance had a sincerity about it and when looking over Josh’s past performances, that’s what makes this one stick out. A+

Elise Testone                         Bold As Love
C’mon Elise! I just praised your first performance and you come out and do this? This was very bad. She basically growled her way through this performance. All the things that made “I Want It All” were absent. Also, is it just me or does she seem a bit distant from the other contestants? D

Phillip Phillips                           The Stone
Phillip went out on a limb here and picked an offbeat, not well-known song. Everyone seems to have either loved it or hated it. I didn’t really feel either. I was not particularly impressed with it but it wasn’t bad. I don’t really know what else to say about it. B

Hollie Cavanagh                    The Climb
I know this song too well. When Miley Cyrus came out with this song I was at the height of my Disney Channel watching days watching almost every show that was on (besides Hannah Montana actually) and at literally every commercial they would play this song. And I HATED it.  I don’t like Miley Cyrus and I don’t like this song, so it takes a really great performance to get me to like it, and that’s what Hollie did here. She sang with passion and clearly had a connection to the song. It was really quite moving. It was so touching to watch that I found myself singing along to a song I can’t stand. Great job Hollie. A

Run Down

Skylar Laine’s intense performance of “The Show Must Go On” helped her win the night

Best Performance Of The First Round: Skylar Laine, “The Show Must Go On
Worst Performance Of The First Round: Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody
Best Performance Of The Second Round: Joshua Ledet, “Ready For Love
Worst Performance Of The Second Round: Elise Testone, “Bold As Love
Best Performance Of The Night: Joshua Ledet, “Ready For Love
Worst Performance Of The Night: Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody
Contestant Who Had The Best Night: Skylar Laine
Contestant Who Had The Worst Night: Jessica Sanchez

What The Bottom 3 Should Be
Hollie, Jessica and Elise with Elise going home.

Predicted Bottom 3
Jessica, Hollie and Elise with Elise going home.

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