May 16, 2012

Guest Post: American Idol Recap - Top 7, Again

Here's a new American Idol recap from Guest Blogger Daniel:

So, just to catch you up last week, Jessica Sanchez was the low vote-getter and the judges used their one save on her. That means we have yet another week of the top 7. Tonight, they will each be singing two songs. One from then, an old song, and one from now, a current song. Not only is this a lame theme but it is pretty similar to the theme we had last week. C’mon American Idol! One more thing before I start. For their first performances, 5 of the 7 contestants looked ridiculous. I’m not a big fashion guy but I know when someone looks ridiculous, and they looked ridiculous. Below you can see a picture and in the comments for the first performances I will not only discuss the performances but how ridiculously they were dressed. Anyway, lets get down to business.

Round 1: "Now" Songs

Hollie Cavanagh                    Rolling In The Deep
Last week, Hollie got out of her slump and sang well. This week, she sang amazingly. This was Hollie at her potential. Starting the song a cappella was brilliant. She really showed off her voice in the chorus and sang the verses with a terrific intensity. Great job Hollie. It was kind weird though to have the backup singers on the screen behind her. Anyway, Hollie sang great but looked strange. She wore these weird billowy pants and her shirt didn’t cover the side of her body. This might be the look she was going for, but I thought it looked weird. Anyway, she sang great. A+

 Colton Dixon                         Bad Romance
As you know, I am a big Colton fan, but during this performance he looked terrible. He was wearing a weird jacket that fell behind him like a cape, and he also wore red leather pants! He even put some red into his hair! C’mon! Anyway, he took on a big song, but after hearing his song choices for the past few weeks, flinching, and then watching the incredible performances that followed, I didn’t get worried. Colton was nailing this one as per usual until he got to the line “I want your love. And I want you revenge.” He went waaaay to low there and couldn’t hold the note. While that wasn’t good, he still totally nailed the chorus, especially when he sang “whooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoo” and the “raaa ahhh raa ma ahhh” parts. Overall while this was Colton’s worst performance on the show it was still pretty great. A-

Elise Testone                         No One
Elise was wearing a weird drape-y orange dress that made her look like a gourd. Just terrible. Anyway, great song choice. That said, Elise didn’t really do anything interesting with it. She sang it pretty well, it just wasn’t especially interesting. It didn’t really have a sense of artistry. It was like good karaoke. But she did sing well. A-

Phillip Phillips                                    U Got It Bad
When I heard Phil would be singing an Usher song, I was very excited because it meant he was going to do some real creative re-arranging and really put his stamp on the song. And it was good I guess. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really special. He sung it ok, but even with all the changes, I wasn’t excited by it. Still, I give him props for a solid performance and for tremendous originality. Also, congrats on being one of the only contestants to be dressed ok during their first performance. B+

Jessica Sanchez                      Fallin
I found it sickening the way the judges rushed up onstage after Jessica got eliminated, saved her, then practically told the world that she was the best singer ever and that you should “vote for the best” and that the best was her. IT'S OUR CHOICE LEAVE US ALONE. I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing Jessica go home. She has been boring me a bit lately. Her performances all seem kinda the same, and last week she was definitely the worst. Tonight, Jessica was ok. She didn’t do anything special or anything we haven’t seen before. It was kinda similar to her performance last week, but it was a little better. While she wasn’t dressed badly, her hair looked atrocious. She looked like she had just come out of a wind tunnel. B+

Skylar Laine                           Born This Way
Skylar sang the country version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and it was fantastic. She was totally in her element. She performed with a great energy as usual and hit all the notes with a power that no other girl in the contest has. This was an American Idol winner caliber performance.  To top it all off, she didn’t look bad the way most of the contestants did during their first songs. A+

Joshua Ledet                          I Believe
Big song to take on, but Joshua did a good job. It showcased his powerful voice and he was really in his comfort zone. Nothing new here though. Nothing we hadn’t seen before though. Just Joshua singing the kind of big song that he specializes in. And there was a little more emotion than there usually is. Oh, and his fashion problem. 2 words: red jacket. A

Round 2: “Then” Songs
Phillip Phillips provided one of the high points in round two singing “In The Midnight Hour”

Hollie Cavanagh                    Son Of A Preacher Man
This was good-not-great and not as good as “Rolling In The Deep” was. Hollie didn’t seem as committed to this song as she was to “Rolling In The Deep.” Her vocals were still solid though. And still better than what she was doing a few weeks ago. B+

Colton Dixon                          September
This is the Colton we know and love. Colton changed up “September” and really made it his own. It was well sung and very sincere. There was just something right about watching him sit at the piano and sing his heart out. I don’t get why the judges didn’t like it. It was flawless. A+

Elise Testone                         Let’s Get It On
This was just a mess. Terrible song choice and she didn’t sing it very well. She was growling and squeaking and it just sounded awful. I would say this probably puts the nail in the coffin for Elise. Nothing else to say. C

Phillip Phillips                                    In The Midnight Hour
Phil did some really fantastic singing here. He put his soul into this song and it showed. He didn’t growl too much, but he growled at all the right times. Most importantly, he appeared to be having a ball up there, and if the performer is having fun, the viewer has fun. Really great performance by PP. A+

Jessica Sanchez                      Try A Little Tenderness
This was pretty bad. I’m not sure what Jessica was thinking when she chose this song. She shouldn’t be singing a song about young girls when she is just a 16 year-old girl herself. Also she put on this raspy voice that was clearly fake. Jessica is very talented, but this really makes me wish the judges didn’t save her. Not even the judges could deny how bad it was, but because they can't say anything bad about Jessica, instead of actually critiquing they made long rambly comments that made no sense. After last week, I know she won't go home, but after what she did tonight, I think maybe she should. C-

Skylar Laine                           Hear It Through The Grape Vine
This was good. Skylar brought her signature flair and country twang to this often-covered Marvin Gaye classic, and the results were good. She totally changed up the melody and sang the verses with fierce passion. Skylar did a really good job. Also, I believe this is the only song to be sung during a live performance on American Idol for the last three seasons. In season 9 it was sung by Andrew Gracia, last year it was done by Casey Abrams, and this year Skylar took a stab at it and managed produce a totally original result. A

Joshua Ledet                          A Change Is Gonna Come
Joshua sure has pipes. He has a truly fantastic range. He is insanely talented. But the judges are doing him a disservice by complimenting him incessantly. I think he really has a shot at winning (right now I have him in 4th) but if he is going to win, the judges need to back off a bit. A

Run Down
Skylar Laine’s “Born This Way” was the best performance of the night

Best Performance Of The First Round: Skylar Laine, “Born This Way
Worst Performance Of The First Round: Jessica Sanchez, “Fallin’”
Best Performance Of The Second Round: Philip Phillips, “In The Midnight Hour
Worst Performance Of The Second Round: Jessica Sanchez, “Try A Little Tenderness
Best Performance Of The Night: Skylar Laine, “Born This Way
Worst Performance Of The Night: Jessica Sanchez, “Try A Little Tenderness
Contestant Who Had The Best Night: Skylar Laine
Contestant Who Had The Worst Night: Jessica Sanchez

What The Bottom 3 Should Be
Hollie, Jessica and Elise with Elise going home.

Predicted Bottom 3
Phillip, Hollie and Elise with Elise going home.

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