May 5, 2009

TV Clip of the Day: Final Exam Procastination Edition!

As I sit in the silent floor of the library, the day before my toughest final exam, I still cannot bring myself to study, and so I check all my usual websites, Florence Henderson on The Brady Bunchone of which is Shirley Jones on The Partridge FamilyOn the site, they had an interesting news item, about how on a recent episode of The Rachel Ray Show, they had an Iron Chef-style cook off between some audience members, and in honor of Mother's Day this weekend, the cook-off was judged by 3 classic TV moms! The first was Florence Henderson, who of course played Mrs. Brady on The Brady Bunch. The second was Marrion Ross, who played Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days. And the third was Shirley Jones, who played Mrs. PartridgeShirley Jones on The Music Man on The Partridge Family. Marrion Ross on Happy DaysNow I am quite familiar with The Brady Bunch and Happy Days, so I was quite familiar with those two, but I have never seen The Partridge Family before, so I was not expecting to know who Mrs. Partridge was, but when Rachel Ray announced Shirley Jones, and she came out, I thought "Shirley Jones, wasn't she Marrion Librarian in The Music Man?" Sure enough, she was. I had no idea that she starred on The Partridge Family! Maybe someday I should check it out. Anyway, enjoy this Rachel Ray cook-off, judged by classic TV moms, Florence Henderson, Marrion Ross, and Shirley Jones:

Oh no! I can't embed the videos! Grr, I guess you'll just have to click on the link and watch it on the Rachel Ray site:

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