May 11, 2009

SNL Cast on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

As you probably know, Jimmy Fallon was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for many years, before he landed his current gig as host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Late Night is executive produced by Lorne Michaels, who is also the creator and executive producer of SNL, which films in the same building in New York City as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many members of the SNL cast have been members on the show. So far, in the 2 months or so since Jimmy Fallon started hosting Late Night, 5 of the 14 current cast members of SNL have been guests on the show (including Amy Poehler, who left SNL mid-season to have a baby and star in Parks and Recreation). Therefore, we are starting a new recurring segment called "SNL Cast on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"! Basically, we have a picture below of the current cast of SNL (it's from the beginning of the season, so it includes Amy Poehler who left mid-season, and doesn't include Abby Elliot, Bobby Moynihan, or Michaela Watkins who joined mid-season, so we added them in little circles on the bottom). Those who have already been guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, namely Amy Poehler, Seth Myers, Fred Armison, Kristen Wiig, and Bill Hader, have been greyed out, leaving the remaining 9 cast members left. (Technically speaking, Casey Wilson did appear on Late Night in a sketch about a pie snatcher, but I'm not counting that since she wasn't technically a guest on the show). My prediction is that by the end of 2009, the entire SNL cast will have hosted (of course, by then, there will be a "new cast", as some current cast members may leave, and some new cast members may join, but we can deal with that in the fall). Anyway, let's see how long it takes the whole cast is greyed out! And, I happen to know that one more SNL cast member will be on Late Night next week! Who will be the next to get greyed out? Look for a new blog post next week to find out! (Or you can just check I mean really, I don't have any insider information, I just spend a lot of my free time looking up this stuff on the internet.)


  1. Update for Samberg...and Forte will be on next week.

  2. And Sudeikis too