May 12, 2009

SNL Cast on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Update

As you've probably realized by now, the SNL Cast Member who's appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is Andy Samberg. (The listing of "Fallon: Andy Samberg" on our What We're Watching calendar should have been a dead give away.) In honor of his appearance, he has been ceremoniously greyed out of our photo. Andy will not only a guest on the show, but the musical guest as well with his singing group The Lonely Island. The Lonely Island is responsible for the amazing SNL Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live, so I'm very excited to see what they are going to perform on the show tonight. Their latest hit, "Motherlover"? Or perhaps a new unreleased song? An old classic like "Lazy Sunday?" We'll just have to tune in tonight at 12:30 on NBC to find out! Also, former SNL star Maya Rudolph will be on the show Thursday night, so be sure to watch that too!

In other Late Night with Jimmy Fallon news, we have tickets to be in the studio audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! A and I were thinking how much fun it would be to attend the show, since we live so close to New York City, and we realized that there's only a few days that we could go between when we finish college and when I start work, so we just called the number listed online for tickets, gave them my name, phone number and email address, and they emailed us tickets. It was that simple! So, June 1, we will be in the studio audience. Look here for a full report of the experience, and look for us on TV that night to see if we get called up to "Lick it for 10" or participate in a "Cell Phone Shoot Out" or perhaps become the "Late Night Audience President". Tune in to find out!

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