November 20, 2008

TV Clip of the Day: Welch's Grape Juice Ads

Here at we like TV, one of our favorite shows is the Food Network show Good Eats. The show stars Alton Brown who in each episode uses humor and science to teach all about that episode's particular food. The show if educational, and funny, and all around quite entertaining to watch. However, today's TV Clip of the Day is not from Good Eats, but rather features Alton Brown. While watching TV earlier this afternoon, I was zoning out during the commercial when I thought I heard the voice of Alton Brown. I looked at the screen, and it was a commercial for Welch's Grape Juice, with a man wearing glasses who sounded very much like Alton talking about the scientific advantages of the special Concord grapes used in Welch's grape juice. While the man sounded like Alton, and bared a slight resemblance to him, he appeared different. On Good Eats, Alton Brown always had kind of messy hair, usually kind of spiky on his head, whereas in this commercial, his hair was slicked back and he looked completely different. I did some research and the Welch's Grape Juice guy was in fact Alton Brown, who just signed on to be Welch's new spokesman. So here it is, the new Welch's grape juice commercial starring Good Eats star Alton Brown:
(Ignore the first 10 seconds of the clip)

To see more of Alton Brown's Welch's ads, go to

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