November 8, 2008

SNL TV Parody of the Week: The View

This week's SNL TV Parody of the Week is a sketch that aired just last week, parodying The View! The View has so many different and unique people on it, that it's such a great show to parody. This sketch features Kenan Thompson as Whoopi Goldberg, Fred Armison as Joy Behar, Kristin Wiig as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Casey Wilson as guest host Jennifer Aniston, and host Ben Affleck as guest Alec Baldwin. What I loved about this sketch is that it not only made fun of the silly arguments that these people have on their show each week, but it also featuers some very unlikely celebrity impressions. Casey Wilson's Jennifer Aniston came out of nowhere, and was really great! I don't think I've ever seen a Jennifer Aniston impressoin, and she really nailed it. Also, I was very surprised to see an Alec Bladwin impression, since Alec Baldwin is so close to Lorne Michaels, having hosted the show 13 times in addition to starring on the Lorne Michaels-produced 30 Rock, so it was great to see that SNL wasn't above spoofing Alec Baldwin. So here it is, SNL's parody of The View:

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