January 28, 2009

TV Clip of the Day: Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger!

Hello blog,

Remember us? Yes, I know it's been a while. We've really been wanting to write in you, but we've been so busy lately, that we just couldn't find the time. Well, good news, we found some time! Hence, we are writing to you.

Our New Year's resolution to you was to start writing about and posting clips from other TV shows. We call ourselves "we like tv", yet as you've probably noticed, we usually only talk about the same 5 or 6 shows over and over. So we made a pledge to start branching out and watching new shows that we've never seen before, and sharing our reactions to these new shows with you all.

This is not one of this shows.

Throughout the past few years, we have always enjoyed watching The Colbert Report, but it wasn't really "one of our shows". When flicking through the channels, we would usually stop if it were on, and enjoy a few laughs, but we never really watched it that seriously. But in the recent weeks, we have just been finding ourselves watching more and more often, and really falling in love with that show. So, here is a clip from this past Monday night's episode, featuring a recurring segment called "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger!" in which Stephen "tips his hat" to a certain current event that he admires, and "wags his finger" at those current events that he is disappointed in. This particular one had me laughing out loud, especially his reaction to "Roe v. Wade":

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