February 5, 2009

TV Clip of the Day: Ted's Band from Scrubs!

We've been a little behind in our Scrubs watching lately, so tonight we watched the most recent 4 episodes of the show (the 2 from last week and the 2 from last night). We were very pleased to see that the latest episode, entitled, "My Lawyer's in Love" featured Ted's band (oftern referred to as "The Worthless Peons"). For those of you who don't know, Ted is one of the supporting characters on Scrubs, and he is the hospital's incompetent lawyer. In the first season it was revealed that Ted and 3 of the other guys from the hospital have an a cappella band, and ever since they have popped up in random episodes to sing so some classic songs in their unique style. In fact, the four actors are a real a cappella band called The Blanks, and they even have their own CD! The CD is entitled “Riding the Wave” and features many of the songs that they have sung on Scrubs as well as some hidden microphone interviews with members of the Scrubs cast. I own the album, and it’s really great!

Below, enjoy a collection of all of the appearances of Ted’s band on Scrubs, from their very first appearance back in Season 1, to their most recent episode that aired this week. Enjoy!

And from this week's episode:

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