April 8, 2012

SNL TV Show Parody: Watch What Happens Live!

A few months ago, we posted about the Featured Ladies of SNL on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live.  It was our first (and so far only) time really watching the show, and the show was certainly not your average talk show.  From Andy Cohen's flamboyant hosting, to his constant plugs for the Real Housewives shows that he produces, to the crazy sound effects that introduce each random little segment, WWHL is certainly very unique.  And that is why when Saturday Night Live did a Watch What Happens Live sketch last night, I thought it was hysterical.  Taran Killam did another amazing impression as host Andy Cohen, perfectly capturing all of his crazy quirks.  Nasim Pedrad and host Sofia Vergara were great as the Persian stars of the Bravo show Shahs of Sunset (although Vergara was quite underused as host, and Nasim's Persian accent was a little too similar to her Kim Kardashian impression) and Kenan also had lots of laughs as Desmond Tutu (although to be honest I have no idea who that is).  Check out the great sketch below!  Hope this one becomes recurring!


  1. That's a silly comment, Nasim Pedrad IS Persian and did Persian characters with accents on SNL (Ahmadinejad's wife, for one) before she ever impersonated Kim Kardashian; like other Iranian-Americans, Pedrad heard her parents and other family members speak with Persian accents for decades and knows the sound. So while it might have at least possibly made sense to point to her Kim impression and say it sounded too Persian (if that's how you feel), it's kind of absurd to put it backwards and say that her Persian characters sound too much like an Armenian.

  2. I see what you mean, perhaps I didn't choose the best words. What I meant was that Nasim's impression of this Shahs of Sunset cast member was similar to her Kim Kardashian impression. I didn't mean that her Persian accent sounded too Armenian. Kim Kardashian doesn't even have an Armenian accent, she sounds very American. I was just saying that Nasim's portrayal of the two characters were similar.