April 29, 2012

30 Rock Live - Fred Armisen

This week's 30 Rock live episode had lots of huge guest stars from Paul McCartney, Jon Hamm, and Donald Glover, to SNL alums Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, Will Forte, and Chris Parnell (and if you live on the West Coast, you got Kim Kardashian and Brian Williams).  But one of the best surprise guest stars in my opinion was SNL/Portlandia star Fred Armisen.  For the other stars, they were the main focus of the scene.  They came on, everyone applauded, and they delivered some funny lines.  But for Fred Armisen, he just stayed in the background, never getting a big applause, and never even uttering a single word. It was almost like a little inside joke to see how many times you could find Fred Armisen hidden in the show.  So how many times did you find Fred?  We found him 3 times (plus the farewells of course).  Let us know if we missed any!

The first appearance of Fred was at the beginning of the episode, just after the opening theme.  He's just standing in the background, wearing a mustache, as Tina Fey walks by.

Fred's second appearance, and the hardest one to spot, was as Frank's fill-in while Judah Friedlander was off-camera getting ready for his streaking scene.  I actually did a double take when I first saw Frank sitting there, and had to rewind my DVR to confirm it was really Fred Armisen.

In Fred's most obvious appearance, he appeared as a woman answering phones at the telethon.  As he crept into the shot, he nearly made Jimmy Fallon break on air.

And of course, here's Fred during the farewells, standing with his doppelganger.

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