April 8, 2013

Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Last weekend Melissa McCarthy returned to host SNL , and although she did a good job (though not as great as her first time hosting), our favorite part of the show was the return of Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy!  While we don't always love Vanessa Bayer's characters, ,this one is one of our favorites currently on the show.  The accent is hilarious, but what really makes it great is the facial expressions.  Vanessa, a 31 year old woman, really becomes this 13 year old boy.  I love Jacob's goofy smile after he tells each corny joke, and how quickly he goes back to his serious speech.  He also has great chemistry with Seth, who really seems to be amused by Jacob.  So far, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy has appeared twice at the Weekend Update desk.  Here's his appearance from last weekend's show talking about Passover, followed by his appearance last December talking about Chanukah:

While Seth always introduces Jacob as a "recent Bar Mitzvah Boy", did you know that we've actually seen Jacob's Bar Mitzvah?  Before Jacob became a recurring Weekend Update character, he starred in a sketch which featured many musical impressions of popular celebrities singing Jewish parodies at his Bar Mitzvah. The sketch aired back in 2011 and features host Gwyneth Paltrow as Taylor Swift and musical guest Cee Lo Green as himself:

Hopefully we'll see some more of Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy soon! Although there aren't really many Jewish holidays coming up.  Maybe Jacob can explain to everyone the story of Shavuot?

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