January 31, 2012

BIG NEWS: Paul Brittain Leaves SNL

It was just announced that featured Saturday Night Live cast member Paul Brittain has abruptly left the show mid-season.  He joined the cast for the 2010/2011 season, and although he never broke out as a household name, he still had some memorable characters in his 1.5 seasons on Saturday Night Live.  Here is a look back at some of our favorite Paul Brittain characters:

James Franco
Paul does a great impression of James Franco (who had recently hosted SNL), poking fun at his need to have multiple jobs.

Ron Paul
While all of the Republican Presidential candidate debates going on, Brittain has portrayed none other than Ron Paul.  While Ron Paul certainly isn't a front runner in the race, he hasn't dropped out yet, so it will be interesting to see who SNL picks to replace him in the upcoming political sketches.

"Sex" Ed Vincent
Another popular Brittain character is "Sex" Ed Vincent. First appearing in the October 23, 2010 episode hosted by Emma Stone, he more recently appeared in the December 3, 2011 show hosted by Steve Buscemi.

Lord Wyndemere
Brittain's most popular character (and most bizarre character) would probably be Lord Wyndemere.  The character first appeared in the October 15, 2011 show hosted by Anna Farris, and then appeared again for a second (and now final) time on the January 7, 2012 show hosted by Charles Barkley.  Below is the last appearance of Lord Wyndemere.

Paul Brittain, you will be missed.  Here's hoping you become the next Casey Wilson, and find a new project that really lets you shine.

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