July 13, 2009


We would like to apologize for the disappearance of our DVD background in our title banner. We had a few technical difficulties, and we're having problems trying to get it back. (The picture is somewhat outdated as since then, we have gotten many more TV DVDs, so I took a photo of all our new TV DVDs, took down the old picture, and put up the new one, but the picture was too huge, so it didn't look right. I tried to get the old picture back, but apparently it's gone, and we can't seem to find the original file.) I know it's ugly with the plain blue back ground, but don't worry, we promise that either we'll get the old picture back, or get a new better picture up as soon as possible! Please bear with us!

Also, we'd like to apologize by not blogging in a while. I will make up for it by writing a new TV blog now.

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